About Us

For a decade, ZO /\/\otion /\rts has been creating ecological performance art installations in natural landscapes, and have pioneered tree climbing as a performanc art. Artistic Directors David Marchant and Holly Seitz Marchant combine professional expertise from their work in the fields of contemporary dance, education and somatic practices to create events exploring our human relationship to nature through sensory- immersive, interactive experiences.


David Marchant founder, co-artistic director

David is Professor of the Practice, on faculty in the Performing Arts Department at Washington University since 1994 teaching technique, composition and improvisation in the concert art of contemporary dance.  He is coordinator of the Somatic Studies Certificate Program at Washington University and is a certified teacher the Alexander Technique, a somatic practice emphasizing natural balance and movement coordination. He is a teaching member of American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT). David and Holly are Faculty Researchers, affiliated with the Tyson Biology Research Center at Washington University in St. Louis, developing site-specific art and Ecosomatic Practices. David and John Toenjes at University of Illinois, along with their collaborator Ben Smith, have been creating interactive dance theater works since 2005.  Their aim is to create computer dance/music systems to make art, games, and educational/ therapeutic tools that develop kinesthetic awareness through audio feedback.  In 2010 David published a study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine reporting the effectiveness of contact improvisation as a therapy for Parkinson disease. From 1989-1991 He danced with Utah Repertory Dance Theatre performing works by 20th Century dance pioneers Merce Cunningham, Doris Humphrey, Isadora Duncan, among others. As an improvisor David has performed with artists such as Andrew Harwood, Chris Aiken And Kirstie Simson. David was an Iowa Arts Fellow ’91-’93 while earning his M.F.A. degree from University of Iowa.


Holly Seitz Marchant co-artistic director, arts in education program director

Holly is adjunct faculty at Washington University, St. Louis University, and Maryville University, teaching modern dance, ballet and movement for healthcare professionals. Holly holds an M.F.A in Dance from the University of Arizona in 2001. Holly was a dance company member with Headwaters Dance Company in Missoula from 2001-03, performing dance works by Doug Varone, Jane Comfort, among others. She was a collaborating performer for Ann Carlson’s Geyserland in 2003, and has trained in Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros.  She has been invited by the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum of Washington University to create site-specific performance installations in response to two exhibits, including “Design for the Other 90% Cities,” examining sustainable practices in design. Holly brings 15 years of youth arts in education teaching experience, having created programming for Unified Tuscon School District, Missoula Unified School District, Headwaters Dance Company, Atrek Dance Collective, Center of Creative Arts (COCA), and University United Methodist Preschool (UUM).


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